«KALAHOUSE»™ Window System

The system of treatment guarantees a 20-year protection of wooden window elements from environmental effects and sun rays

«KALAHOUSE»™ wooden window is a multifunctional engineering system which allows to regulate the flows of light and heat, protects from noise and aggressive atmospheric conditions and is an integral part of comfortable living in energy-saving «ECO-friendly zero-energy houses by KALAHOUSE»™.

Wooden elements of window structures are made of multilayer laminated beam of oak and ash lamellas.

Wooden elements of windows are covered with premium Remmers UV weather protection stains, which provide strong protection against aggressive atmospheric conditions and ultraviolet rays.

Glass units in wooden window frames are insulated with silicone sealants, fittings and double sealing provide tight fit.

There is always fine weather in «ECO-friendly zero-energy houses by KALAHOUSE»™!