«KALAHOUSE»™ Wall System

The wall system in «KALAHOUSE»™ houses is a complex, patented engineering construction

The wall system is made of natural material, which provides high seismic resistance, comfortable microclimate in conditions of maximum energy efficiency and exquisite style both outside and inside the house.

In walls construction KALAHOUSE Vertriebs GmbH uses elite timber species, solid multilayered LVL beam, best natural heat insulation of continuous basalt fiber BELTEP and premium Remmers coatings, awarded with international quality certificates.

The house exterior is decorated with beams of oak lamella based on LVL. For this purpose secular oak is used, which grows in the North-Western Ukraine. The exterior beam is initially covered with Remmers HK stain, which guarantees six-factor protection against blue stain, soft rot, algae, fungi, bark beetles and ultraviolet.

The durability of all qualitative characteristics and perfect external appearance of oak lamellas is proved by firm guarantee Remmers System Garantie (RSG).

Interior areas are covered with a special decorative wax stain AIDOL DEKORWACHS-LASUR. It is a wax emulsion based on the combination of beeswax, natural resin and boiled linseed oil, which forms a natural waxy surface and has nice smell. Wax stain is tested according to DIN EN71-3 (“Safety for toys”) and has been awarded the “Blue Angel” international certificate.

Interior wall sheathing is made of elite fruit-bearing species of trees, such as cherry, pear and walnut, which have a miraculous effect on human body: provide full body’s rest, repair and recovery at bedtime, inhibit aging processes and increase vital tonus. The positive effect of timber is proved by investigations conducted by Japanese and Chinese scientists.

«KALAHOUSE»™ Wall Structure

  • 1. Interior LVL-based weatherboard of finewood lamellas
  • 2. Internal double layer of non-combustible insulation of continuous basalt fiber BELTEP®
  • 3. Grating
  • 4. Exterior layer of non-combustible insulation of continuous basalt fiber BELTEP®
  • 5. Exterior sheathing beams of oak lamellas based on LVL
  • 6. Vertical double-T beam

Solid walls – Safe House. 39 year warranty

Load-bearing wall elements of energy-saving «ECO-friendly zero-energy houses by KALAHOUSE»™ are made of double-T beams and grates of high-strength composite material (LVL) that are fastened by bolt connections and girts. It provides high seismic resistance of construction and load-bearing capacity in different weather conditions. Double heat and sound insulation of wall modules is made of waterproof basalt fiber BELTEP®.

R-value of different materials at uniform wall thickness

R-value of «KALAHOUSE»™ walls is 4.54 at wall thickness of 0.28 mm
The same R-value is for the walls made of:
solid bricks, 3.32 m thick;
hollow bricks, 2.54 m thick;
pinewood across the grain, 0.788 m thick