Roof System «KALAHOUSE»™

The structure of «KALAHOUSE»™ roof system is shown in the scheme:
  • 1. Load-bearing double-T LVL beams
  • 2. Wood deck
  • 3. Vapour barrier
  • 4. Sound and heat insulation
  • 5. Waterproofing
  • 6. Levelling layer of OSB plates
  • 7. Additional insulation layer
  • 8. Top layer of the roof
  • 9. Sheathing plate
  • 10. Top girt
«KALAHOUSE»™ roof system is a rigid, rugged and durable engineering construction which functionally provides waterproofing, heat and sound insulation from atmospheric precipitation, which together with other systems guarantees high level of energy efficiency and comfortable life despite climatic conditions.

Technological capabilities of KALA Firm allow to manufacture load-bearing double-T beams up to 13 m long and construct continuous roof assemblies by means of bolt connections and without additional supports, so that they are capable to be unaffected by static and dynamic loads.