Species of wood used to build «ECO-friendly zero-energy houses by KALAHOUSE»™


Oak timber has high strength, is rot proofing, insect-resistant and flexible, has beautiful texture and colour.


Robinia timber has nice appearance and texture, is tough and rot-resisting. It has better physical and mechanical properties than oak and ash.


Ash wood is tough and viscous. It has low tendency to cracking, good deflectability and beautiful texture.


Walnut timber has nice colour, pattern and high mechanical properties.


Basswood timber is soft and light. It has compact texture, is good for wood working, rarely cracks and warps.


Pear timber has beautiful brown-pink colour and homogeneous structure. It is of high density and is good for wood working and polishing.


herry has nice colour and interesting texture. It has high physical and mechanical properties. The beautiful texture of cherry is second only to walnut.


Alder timber is soft and light. It has a homogeneous texture. The physical and mechanical properties of alder are similar to aspen.


Norway maple and white maples grow in the South-Western region of Ukraine. Maple timber is dense, hard and tough.


Elm has nice colour. There are often big warts formed on the trunk.