«KALAHOUSE»™ Foundation System

All prefabricated structural elements of energy-saving «ECO-friendly zero-energy houses by KALAHOUSE»™ are attached to foundation by means of supporting layers and anchor bolts. They are lighter, stronger and more durable than existing houses of other types. It is important to properly design and lay the foundation which will ultimately guarantee its durability, high seismic stability and resistance to static and dynamic loads. The foundation connects the building with the ground. Therefore, when laying the foundation it is important to take into account soil characteristics, its chemical content, frost line and ground water level.

Soils can be characterized as bad, satisfactory and favourable to construction. Forest, garden and swamp soils are poor soils; clay, sandy loam, sand and gravel are satisfactory soils; the best are untouched rocky soils, over one meter deep.

Soil type can be defined by means of geological study, conducted by design and survey contractors.

If the soil structure on the construction site is known, a highly professional architect will choose the relevant foundation type and the client will agree the estimate.
Mat foundation of dense armoured concrete in the form of monolithic structure is considered to be the best.

Before laying the foundation one should prepare the construction site: break the ground, strip the topsoil, fill up the pits and flatten the hillocks.

The next stage is marking of the house. The general plan is transferred from drawings into the construction site, main axes and foundation dimensions are fixed. It should be done very accurately, as carelessness may knock out all attempts to build a durable, high-quality and comfortable house.

Such approach to the construction of foundations is used by KALA Firm.

KALA Firm uses three types of foundations for luxury energy-saving «ECO-friendly zero-energy houses of KALAHOUSE»™:

  1. Strip foundation of armoured concrete
  2. Pile foundation with upper monolithic belt of armoured concrete
  3. Mat foundation of armoured concrete