«KALAHOUSE»™ Floor System

«KALAHOUSE»™ floor construction is shown in the scheme:
  • 1. Floor board with the LVL-based load-bearing layer made of acacia, oak or ash
  • 2. Insulation layer of continuous basalt fiber BELTEP®
  • 3. Damp-proof cover
  • 4. Bottom layer of coniferous timber
  • 5. Load-bearing double-T beams of LVL
«KALAHOUSE»™ floor system is a rugged long-life engineering construction which provides functional hydraulic, heat and sound insulation from the foundation and inside the foundation, which together with other systems provides advanced energy efficiency and comfortable living conditions.

The technological capabilities of KALA Firm allow to manufacture load-bearing double-T beams up to 13 m long.

The floor board is made one-piece and covers the whole length of the room.

The floor wearing surface can be laid of simple parquet or artistic parquet on the monolithic base of LVL.