«KALAHOUSE»™ Door System

Durable and rigid doors are made of natural material and conform to the highest standards of heat and sound insulation.

After touching the handle of the entrance door «ECO-friendly zero-energy house by KALAHOUSE»™ you feel that it leads to the luxury house.

Due to heat and sound insulation and sealants from the best European manufacturers the «KALAHOUSE»™ door system protects the house from noise, changes of temperature and other aggressive atmospheric conditions.

External door systems are made of multilayer wood panels of oak lamellas based on LVL.
All wooden door elements are covered according to multistage system with special Remmers protective stains which guarantee high resistance to aggressive atmospheric conditions and ultraviolet rays.

«KALAHOUSE»™ door systems are an integral part of the general system of comfortable living conditions in energy-saving «ECO-friendly zero-energy houses by KALAHOUSE»™.