Advantages of KALA Firm in Project Realization

Technological and technical advantages

  • Developed and patented structural elements of energy-saving «ECO-friendly zero-energy houses by KALAHOUSE»™ on the basis of composite material of advanced wood processing (LVL) and efficient use of solid fine wood
  • Patented trademark «KALAHOUSE»™ for energy-saving «ECO-friendly zero-energy houses by KALAHOUSE»™
  • Availability of strategic commercial reserves of local forest raw materials of fine wood
  • Highly professional and intellectual team
  • Significant improvement of production standards due to the use of innovative technologies that minimize the impact of human factor on the quality of final products
  • Ability to manufacture and assemble all structural elements, window and door systems, stylized elements of exteriors and interiors at the innovative production which provides high-quality prefabricated structural elements
  • Compact transportation of turnkey house kits to construction site in many countries of the world
  • Construction of houses in any climatic zone and even in seismically active zones in the shortest time without the use of heavy construction equipment

Design Advantages

  • Supporting layers and girts, framed walls, load-bearing double-T beams of ceiling and roof systems are installed by means of bolt connections which guarantee high resistance to static and dynamic loads and high seismic resistance
  • The use of double-T beams of LVL, exterior sheathing beams of oak lamellas based on LVL, oak window and door systems, insulation of continuous basalt fiber makes energy-saving «ECO-friendly zero-energy houses by KALAHOUSE»™ durable, fire-proof, resistant to temperature changes and climatic conditions, termites and wood borers
  • Absence of shrinking and cracks of structural elements of houses allows to use special multilayer insulation system which guarantees high R-value.
  • High R-value promotes the efficient and autonomous use of alternative solar, wind, water and geothermal energy sources

Comfortable and Healthy Living Conditions

  • In its energy-saving «ECO-friendly zero-energy houses by KALAHOUSE»™ of wooden structural elements KALA Firm creates the complex with unique microclimate. The interiors are made of lamellas of fine wood based on LVL (bedrooms are made of lamellas of fruit-bearing trees), covered with decorative stains of beeswax and linseed oil
  • The timber used in interior decoration emits special biologically active substances that kill different viruses, bacteria and algae, enhance vital tonus and improve immunity, make your sleep sound and healthy, increase life expectancy